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Welcome to the Subscription Economy:
Integrate Zuora in a Snap with SnapLogic

Complimentary Webinar

Join the SnapLogic team for this complimentary webinar on Thursday, September 26th at 10:00AM PDT/1:00PM EDT to learn more about Zuora and Elastic Cloud Integration.

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Elastic Cloud Connectivity for the Subscription Economy

Last week SnapLogic sponsored the Zuora Subscribed 2013 conference in San Francisco. A key theme throughout the event was the importance of staying connected. Whether you're just beginning to adopt cloud applications in your IT organization, or your company is transitioning to the subscription model, the right approach to application and data integration is critical to bottom-line success.

This webinar will review some of the highlights from Subscribed 2013 and discuss the primary use cases we see for SnapLogic integration with Zuora: 

  • Transactional Application Integration: Automate the synchronization of orders, rate plans, and product details between Zuora and other systems.

  • Better Analytics from Multiple Systems: Reduce the time it takes to get data from Zuora and other cloud applications for business intelligence purposes.


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