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"Our research uncovers best practices that innovative organizations use not only to prepare and integrate big data but also more tightly unify it with analytics and operations across enterprise and cloud computing environments."

- Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

Big data is a solution to the problem of today's flood of business data that is increasingly viable and more widely being adopted. To make full use of the big data coming from a variety of sources and in incompatible formats first requires integration. However, most organizations lack technology that can automate this process and manage this daunting challenge. Rather than rely on existing tools not specifically designed for this purpose, Ventana Research recommends that they evaluate technology designed to handle big data integration. Adopting it can significantly impact their ability to succeed in the world of nonstop data.

Hear from Mark Smith and Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing at SnapLogic, as they discuss the latest big data integration research and some of the best practices that enterprises are adopting as they jump into the Data Lake.

Attaining Excellence in Big Data Integration

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CIOs, CTOs, Enterprise Information Architects, Integration Architects, Data Warehouse Practitioners, Cloud Application Owners, Systems Integrators

Featured Speakers:

Mark Smith
CEO & Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Darren Cunningham
VP of Marketing

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