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Spark Up Your Pipelines!

SnapLogic's Fall 2015 release includes new support for Apache Spark. There are two important aspects to our upcoming Spark support:

  • Sparkplex: Run your pipelines on Spark. Learn more about how the Snaplex works here.
  • Spark Snap: Quickly create high-performance Spark-based pipelines and draw data from virtually any source. Spark Snaps are ideally suited for memory-intensive, iterative processes.

SnapLogic's new Spark support allows customers to choose to use either MapReduce or Spark for data processing, depending upon factors such as data size, latency requirements and connectivity. With the combination of the new Sparkplex and Spark Snap, SnapLogic customers will be able to take advantage of the performance of Spark without the time and effort involved in creating and maintaining hand-coded integrations between data sources and a Spark cluster.

SnapLogic Spark Early Access Program

SnapLogic Spark Early Access Program

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