Data and application integration was a lot simpler 25 years ago –– and using Informatica then, in its heyday, made sense. Only a few databases and ERP systems mattered, and applications were primarily built on-premise.

This is no longer the case today. We live in a world of the Internet of Things, NoSQL databases, big data, and an explosion of cloud-based, best-of-breed applications. Using Informatica in today's complex digital world is like "running a modern company on a mainframe or riding a horse to the office" –– technically feasible, but not necessarily something you should do.

This whitepaper features Gaurav Dhillon, Informatica co-founder and current CEO of SnapLogic, and James Markarian, former CTO of Informatica and current CTO of SnapLogic, discussing the state of the data and application industry over the last 25 years, and why using legacy technology like Informatica to address today's modern challenges does not make sense.

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  • The business argument for leaving behind legacy technology, with a focus on moving away from Informatica
  • The catalytic effect of businesses focusing on sunk costs rather than sunk opportunities
  • The new face and role of IT –– from controller to enabler
  • Real vs. fake cloud solutions for data integration
  • Why enterprises must meet millennials' expectations for IT

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"The friction between your current requirements –– i.e. the problems you solve today and the way you solve them –– relative to the requirements that were addressed by Informatica's products 25 years ago, is fundamentally different. The modern enterprise requires modern data integration technology."

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