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The problem with traditional connectors are that they are tightly coupled - any change in the data format or interface requirements for either end of any interaction would require an update of the connector, at the risk of a failed interaction.

- Jason Bloomberg, President, Intellyx

Connectors have been a traditional enterprise application integration (EAI) tool since the dawn of EAI back in the 1990s. The rise of SOA and Web Services was in part intended to resolve the limitations of such traditional connectors, but often fell short. REST moves the ball forward somewhat, but relies on standard media types that don't provide sufficient detail about data formats. JSON helps to fill this void, and adds flexibility to be sure, but throws a wrench into connectors or Web Services or any other traditional integration tool that expects data to conform to a particular schema.

Watch this interactive webinar with digital transformation and SOA thought leader Jason Bloomberg. In this webinar you can expect:

  • A discussion of the the age-old problem of implementing loosely coupled data integration
  • An architectural approach to solving this difficult problem
  • A demonstration of SnapLogic's approach to solving the data integration challenge in a scalable and cloud-friendly manner that aligns with modern application architectures

Who should watch?

CIOs, CTOs, Enterprise Information Architects, Integration Architects, Data Warehouse Practitioners, Cloud Application Owners, Systems Integrators

Featured Speakers:

Jason Bloomberg
President and Leading Industry Analyst

Darren Cunningham
VP of Marketing

It's the 21st Century:

Why Isn't Your Data Integration Loosely Coupled?

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Craig Stewart
Sr. Director, Product Management

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