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Does ETL stand for Everything Too Late in your IT organization? Has legacy data extraction, transformation and loading technology become a barrier to cloud and big data technology adoption?

Upgrading from an old, unsupported data integration software release to a new one is time consuming and painful - typically with only incremental features and enhancements. At SnapLogic, we believe it's time to re-think your integration layer to gain greater business agility and get to the cloud and big data faster. It's time to go from "technical debt" to technology innovation.

That's why we've partnered with INTRICITY to offer an exclusive 3-day Integration Modernization Assessment. In this hands-on engagement, INTRICITY certified SnapLogic (and Informatica) experts will review your current data integration environment and workloads and deliver a set of specific recommendations proven to accelerate your digital transformation.

With the shift to cloud applications in the enterprise and the proliferation of unstructured and semi-structured data, legacy approaches are not built for today's agile enterprise. Informatica PowerCenter lost its power when it comes to dealing with unstructured data sources, shifting ETL workloads, handling REST, cloud application and big data sources and targets. According to industry analyst and author David Linthicum:

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INTRICITY is a specialized selection of over 100 Data Management and CRM Professionals, with offices located across the USA and Headquarters in New York City. Our team of experts have implemented Data Integration and CRM Solutions in a variety of industries, including Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media, Pharmaceutical, Retail and others. INTRICITY is uniquely positioned as a partner to the business that deeply understands what makes data tick. This joint knowledge and acumen has positioned INTRICITY to beat out its Big 4 competitors time and time again.

Get to the Cloud and Big Data Faster

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"It's not a matter of 'if' we're moving in new directions that will challenge your existing approaches to data integration, it's 'when.' Those who think they can sit on the sidelines and wait for their data integration technology provider to create the solutions they require will be very disappointed."
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