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Over the past decade, data management has been constantly evolving at an accelerated pace. New ways of acquiring and managing data have brought about new ways of bringing better quality of life to many, and to use data for good. We are looking at deftly interweaving the volumetric flow of data in timely ways that flexibly provide privacy, security, convenience, transparency, governance and compliance. Nowhere is this evolution better expressed than in data management for the Internet of Things.

In other words, the Internet of Things is here - slowly, unevenly and in vertical markets, creating new data silos. Evolving data management will be necessary to realize the full potential of the IoT and understand specific needs for properly addressing IoT data, which legacy ETL tools and database management systems simply don't handle well.

During this recorded webinar you will hear industry expert Joseph A. di Paolantonio discuss five recommendations on gaining advantage through the latest IoT data management technologies and business processes.

Featured Speaker:
Joseph A. di Paolantonio
Industry expert working at the convergence of IoT with data management and analytics, Boulder BI Brain Trust
About Joseph:

Leveraging a career that started with renewable energy research in graduate school and industry, developing risk assessment models and algorithms for aerospace systems, and managing teams for enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence and data science, Joseph is defining sensor analytics ecosystems to bring value from the IoT. Joseph blogs at The TeleInterActive Press, tweets as #JAdP and writes and speaks on the solution spaces forming sensor analytics ecosystems. Joseph has over ten years in strategic consulting and leading professional services groups in fortune 100 companies and boutique consultancies.
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