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iRobot makes robots that make a difference in the home, in the field, in the workplace and in our schools.  In this webinar, Jim Teal, iRobot information architect, reviews the business drivers that led the company to invest in a modern, cloud-based integration solution to drive operational efficiency and improved quality in the data collection process. Jim also discusses the technical advantages of the right integration platform as a service (iPaaS), including the ability to:

  • Manage and deploy integrations across multiple locations.
  • Perform “schema-less” integration patterns for maximum productivity and re-use.
  • Deliver both application and data integration requirements with a single platform.
The webinar also features a detailed overview of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform and a sneak-peak at what’s on the SnapLogic roadmap. Additionally, we discuss the concept and defining characteristics of today’s Elastic Enterprise.

    Cloud Integration at iRobot: Powering

    the Elastic Enterprise

    Recorded Webinar

    Who should watch?

    CIOs, Information Architect, Application Developers, Data Warehouse Practitioners

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    Featured Speakers:

    Jim Teal
    Information Architect

    Darren Cunningham
    VP Marketing

    Craig Stewart
    Dir Product Management

    We look at SnapLogic as an opportunity to think differently about integration.

     - Jim Teal, Information Architect, iRobot

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