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With more and more business applications moving to the cloud, data gravity is shifting. The ability to deliver analytics in the cloud has evolved from idea to enterprise reality with new solutions being announced almost every week that appeal to the need for speed, simplicity and access to insight on demand. Meanwhile, traditional approaches to data warehousing are being challenged in the era of big data and Hadoop.

Hear from the cloud data integration experts at SnapLogic and our special guest David Glueck, Sr. Director of Data Science and Engineering at Bonobos in this interactive webinar to get an overview of what's different with a cloud-based approached to analytics. In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What's driving the shift to cloud analytics
  • How Bonobos moved their analytics to the cloud
  • Recommendations for successful cloud analytics deployments
  • The role of cloud data integration
  • The intersection of cloud analytics and big data

The webinar also features a preview demonstration of new cloud analytics enabling data integration capabilities from SnapLogic and new big data integration capabilities that we've added to our elastic integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

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    Darren Cunningham

    VP of Marketing, SnapLogic

    Tim Lui

    Product Manager, SnapLogic

    David Glueck

    Sr. Director of Data Science and Engineering, Bonobos

    - David Glueck, Sr. Director of Data Science and Engineering at Bonobos

    I would rather work with the business than with the hardware.

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