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While Amazon Redshift offers a phenomenal low-cost offering for petabyte scale analytics in the cloud, the secret sauce to your business analytics strategy still remains rooted on your approach, methodologies and the amount of data incorporated into this critical exercise. In this webinar, you will learn best practices to supercharge your cloud analytics initiatives, tips and tricks on designing the right information architecture, data models, and other tactical optimizations. Join the Amazon product team, as well as leading integration cloud experts on this exclusive and candid informational webinar.

You will learn:

  • Latest feature enhancements in Amazon Redshift
  • How SnapLogic can speed up your time to value
  • Implementations and best practices from experienced practitioners

    Best Practices for Supercharging

    Cloud Analytics on Amazon Redshift

    Recorded Webinar

    Who should watch?

    Information Architects, Integration Architects, Data Warehouse Practitioners, Systems Integrators, Business Analysts, BI practitioners

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    Featured Speakers:

    Brandon Davis
    Director Cervello

    Maneesh Joshi Senior Director SnapLogic

    Tina Adams
    Senior Product Manager Amazon Web Services

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