Data warehouses are undergoing significant transformations in order to support seismic business innovations being driven by the digital economy. These transformations center around the drive to increase business agility and improve cost containment in the face of rapid explosion of data, data types, applications, databases and more.

Forward-thinking enterprises are moving their data to the Cloud because this offers distinct advantages around scalability, elasticity, infrastructure management, speed of processing and more. But getting there isn’t simple or easy. There are complex processes associated with moving schema, data, and ETL.

Download the white paper,Jump-Start Your Modern Data Warehouse: Meeting the Challenges of Migration to the Cloud” by David Wells of Eckerson Group, to learn fundamental answers to key questions to get you started;

  • Why enterprises are moving their data to the Cloud
  • What are the advantages and where should you start?
  • Who are the key players and technologies?
  • How to mitigate pain when starting this journey
  • The benefits, techniques, and challenges of migrating an existing data warehouse to the Cloud
  • A brief case study and a step-by-step approach to successful cloud migration

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