With cloud data warehousing growing at a rate 4.5 times faster than on-premises data warehousing, the need for “data integration aligned with the cloud” is more urgent than ever. Fueling this movement is an insatiable demand for analyses against new data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud.

With massive demand for massive amounts of data, business users need tools to provide insight and drive informed decision-making. This analytics explosion is ignited by “citizen data scientists” using SnapLogic and Redshift.

So how can your enterprise stay ahead of the curve?

Download “Igniting discovery: How built-for-the-cloud data integration kicks Amazon Redshift into high gear”. You’ll learn how SnapLogic empowers cloud warehouse users with up to a 10x improvement in the speed and ease of data integration for Redshift deployments.

You’ll also learn:

  • How a leading pharmaceutical company uses SnapLogic and Redshift to quickly and efficiently analyze and correlate enormous volumes of data for successful pinpoint marketing
  • How SnapLogic empowers business users and citizen data scientists, igniting discovery while addressing enterprise data governance concerns
  • Why “cloud-washed” isn’t good enough
  • How SnapLogic allows citizen data scientists to be productive with Amazon Redshift in days, not months.

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