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Mobile applications, IoT and POS systems, as well as social media, demand real-time response. Connecting, moving and integrating streaming data, from all of your interfaces, so it’s available to make decisions with all of your internal systems in real-time comes with a lot of challenges.

Join Adobe, Confluent, and SnapLogic to hear how leading companies such as Adobe and others apply best practices for building streaming data pipelines using Apache Kafka™, the de facto standard for modern streaming platforms. We'll explore:

  • How Kafka serves as a foundation for both streaming data pipelines and applications that consume and process real-time data streams.
  • Take a deep dive into how SnapLogic and Confluent are partnering to make it easier to capture continuous data streams with Kafka.
  • Learn how streaming data is enabling companies to perform real-time inventory updates to keep shoppers buying, search in real-time for fraudulent transactions or monitor machine behavior that suggests a security breach and more.

Dinesh Gopinathan

Business Leader of Integration Services

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Clarke Patterson

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Confluent, Inc.

Pavan Venkatesh

Sr. Product Manager

SnapLogic, Inc.

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